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Victim Of Crime Compensation

You can claim victim of crime compensation if you have been attacked or injured through no fault of your own in a criminal act of violence.

Miss S enquired about claiming victim of crime compensation after being the victim of domestic violence at the hands of her ex-partner. Miss S has been assaulted and psychologically damaged as a result of her ex-partner’s violence.

Miss S will only be able to make a victim of crime compensation claim if her case meets the qualifying criteria set by the CICA. If Miss S is still in contact with her partner, or if the CICA believes her ex-partner will benefit in some way from her receiving a compensation award, they will refuse to pay her compensation for her injuries. The victim of crime compensation claims process can only be started within two years of the injury being sustained so, if Miss S was assaulted and psychologically damaged by her partner over two years ago, she will be unable to make a compensation claim. In addition, Miss S will only be able to make a compensation claim for the physical and psychological damage she suffered at the hands of her ex-partner if she reported the incident to the police and cooperated fully throughout the investigation. Providing Miss S sought medical attention for her injuries, and the level of injury she sustained qualifies her for the minimum compensation award the CICA will give of £1000, there is a good chance she will qualify for starting a claim.

You only have two years from the date of the incident to make a claim against the CICA for victim of crime compensation; Assault Claim Experts will only be able to accept your case and present it to the CICA if the incident has occurred within two years.

Can I claim just for my psychological injuries if I was not physically injured during a criminal act of violence?

Under certain circumstances you are able to claim for psychological damage that has arisen as the result of a criminal act of violence. If you were injured in a criminal act of violence, but you were only injured psychologically, the CICA will not consider making an award for mental injury alone unless you will put in reasonable fear of immediate physical harm during the incident, you were the non-consenting victim of a sexual offence, you witnessed, or you were present when, someone that you had a close relationship with was injured in a criminal act of violence or you were closely involved in the immediate aftermath. There are also certain circumstances under which you can claim criminal injury compensation even though you were not directly involved in a crime; this applies to railway employees who were present when a person was injured or killed whilst they were trespassing on a railway.

If you are ready to start claiming the victim of crime compensation you are legally entitled to after receiving an injury in a crime of violence, you need to call Assault Claim Experts today on (0844) 844 2924.

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